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Taylor Egan

Founding Member

Taylor is an co-founder of Santos Chamber Singers. From Flowermound, Texas, Taylor recently graduated from Brigham Young University with his BME in Music Education - Choral Emphasis. An accomplished singer, Taylor has commanded multiple lead roles including, most recently, Danilo Danilovitch in The Merry Widow and Motel Kamzoil in Fiddler on the Roof both in 2022. He also sang with BYU Singers for three years and even was a featured soloist with the ensemble. During his time with BYU Singers he was able to embark on multiple international tours to Europe, and was able to travel to the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean as a student-clinican with the BYU choral department.

With the Santos Chamber Singers organization, Taylor was able to serve as composer-in-residence for 2022-2023. During that time the organization premiered four original choral works, and even premiered one his works at the UT-ACDA "Sing for Life" Conference. He also served as an assistant director for multiple projects. While Taylor no longer lives in Utah, he has remained close to the organization and is a key member of Santos Chamber Singers.

Taylor Egan
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