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We are currently seeking talented singers to join us on a project-basis. We welcome auditions from any musicians living in Utah, which will be conducted either in-person, through a video recording or both. To submit or schedule an audition, please click the button below to contact us. Additionally, we kindly ask that you review our audition requirements, which are provided below.

Audition Requirements 

Any live audition will be scheduled after we have received the other audition materials via email. A live audition will also include vocal exercises and sight singing.

  • Current CV/resume of all relevant solo and ensemble experience.

  • Two contrasting arias or art songs, with at least one of the selections being an early music piece written before 1750.

  • You may elect to include some of the following information: a recording of you singing in a one-to-a-part ensemble, vocal exercises that demonstrate the range and capabilities of your voice, and/or a third selection of you singing a non-classical piece.

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